Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homemade picture candle revised

I will do my best a giving more specific directions this time. 
Items you will need:
A regular smooth glass vase (I purchased mine at Walmart for .97)
tea light candles (any short candle will work best)
Elmer's spray adhesive glue
Modge Podge (I used the aresol spray in a Matte finish)

Vellum (purchased in the stationary section at Walmart)
Printer with black ink
Picture editing software (optional)
Something to cut with (I used a rotary cutter)
Popsicle stick (can use something of the same stature if needed)
(Main items used are pictured below)


Step 1: Edit picture with computer software if desired.  I made mine into a black and white photo, but I am sure you could use color photos if desired. I added a quote I found on the internet to the opposite side of the same picture page.  This needs to be one complete sheet, so that it will cover the entire vase.  The size of picture you use depend on the size of vase you use.  I also used the picture software to size the picture to match the height of my vase.
Step 2: Print to the vellum.  THIS VERY IMPORTANT.... Allow the picture to dry before touching.  It takes a little longer to dry compared to a regular piece of paper.
Step 3: Using a rotary cutter or scissors, trim the picture to wrap around the vase in 1 complete sleeve.
Step 4: Spray the Elmer's glue to the back side of the picture and adhere to the vase.  This is where the popsicle stick may come in handy.  Use the popsicle stick or something similar to smooth picture moving out the air bubbles.  LET THE GLUE DRY COMPLETELY. 
Step 5: Spray the outside of the entire vase/picture with Modge Podge to seal entirely.  Let Dry completely again.  DO NOT TOUCH the outside before drying.  It will result in visible fingerprints on the final project. This step may take a few hours.   
Step 6: Now that the vase is dry insert a small candle.  Since the picture is sealed the heat will not harm the photo.  I purchased candles at my local dollar store that were slightly taller then a tea light.  I use the smaller candles to illuminate the pictures better.  The taller the candle the more shadow it put on the picture once it was lite. 

I hope these directions are a little more helpful.  I really enjoyed the reactions I received when I gave these as a gift.  They are so much more personal then most things and now there are precious memories preserved for as long as you have the candle.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homemade picture candles

I found this idea on the internet, but was not able to get specific instructions. After much trial and error we came up with the final product. This was made using vases we found for 97 cents at Walmart, vellum, a printer, elmer's spray glue, and aresol mod podge in a matte finish. The trick is allow the vellum time to dry once you have printed the picture. The back side has a picture that I turned into black and white with computer program. For privacy I will not be posting pictures of that side. I found the quote online and typed it up in the computer program and matched it up to be opposite side of page. Using a rotary cutter trim the vellum down to make a sleeve that goes completely around vase. Allow time for the glue to dry before spray with the mod podge. DO NOT touch once you have sprayed until it is dry!!! Use shorter candles so that it will luminate the entire picture when lit.

Hexagon Rose Afghan 2

This one is actually smaller, but I was actually able to put this one together in a little over a month. Thanks to my mom and dear hubby helping sew the pieces together. I made this one for my sister in law for Christmas. She really loved my mothers at Christmas present!

Hexagon Rose Afghan

This project took me over a year to complete. I love the detail, but living in a smaller town it was hard to get the needed supplies. I would have to go out of town to purchase the Caron yarn. To my suprise our local Wal-Mart finally began carrying it towards the end of the project. This was made from a purchased pattern. Mom was really suprised to receive it as a gift!'

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Granny Square Rose Afghan

So it has been a while since my last blog! But I have completed this beautiful granny square afghan with roses.  The picture does not do it much justice.  It was made using Caron simply soft yarn.  Now just to decide who gets it for Christmas!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ok,  so sorry I have not been keeping up with this blog.  I have made many resolutions to complete tasks I set out to do.  For some reason life with 4 children has became very crazy.  We have a large number of big project to be completed for school!  I will be making 2 costumes for a project called "The Wax Museum".  On top of 2 posters and reports with bibliographys are to be done. They must retain information to give a presentation. It would not be so bad, except the two children have severe learning disabilities and struggle with a lot of the content.  Then my youngest child who is in the Focus program (class for exceptional students), has 2 projects at once.  For one we are to assist him in making a building the size of a refigerator box.  With doors and windows and all.  It has to be painted and resemble a store front to fit around his desk.  They will be making a mock city and running the government. He also is doing a research paper on George Rogers Clark.  I will more then likely post the process on these little projects.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lighter version of a Strawberry Poke Cake

Ok... I know this is not a craft but I like to bake too. 
My mother's birthday is coming up soon and she has requested a poke cake.  I decided to give a trial run of a healthier version this evening .  We have been trying to eat healthier in our home.  I have seen several recipes online using a cake mix with diet cola. Several of the recipes were calling for different cake mixes and diet sodas.  So I thought why not.  You never know until you give it a try, but I wanted to make sure it would be something we all would enjoy eating. 
Considering a local store was selling the strawberries for $1 a carton this was a fairly inexpensive dessert to do a trial run on and give the kids something extra enjoyable this evening.

This cake only requires the following:
  • store bought cake mix ( I had a strawberry flavored on hand)
  • 12 oz sprite zero
  • 1 small box of sugar free strawberry jello
  • fresh strawberries
  • splenda
  • fat free cool whip

I did not have a white mix, so I decided to use a strawberry mix I had on hand. 
I mixed the cake mix and sprite zero together until well combined. 
 (Do not add ingredients listed on box only the sprite zero)   
 Pour the batter into a 9x13 baking dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Bake at 350 degrees. Bake for the time that is listed on the cake mix box. (approximately 30-35 minutes)
 While the cake was baking, I  clean and slice the strawberries. 
 (I have 2 children who are do not like sour or tart foods.)
So I added 2 tbls. of splenda and macerated the strawberries in the fridge
while the cake was baking and cooling.
Once the cake cools take a fork an poke several holes in the cake.
 Prepare the sugar free strawberry gelatin with 1/2 cups of boiling water stirring for 2 mins. 
Add 1/2 cup of cold. 
Pour the gelatin over the entire cake allowing to soak into all the holes in the cake.
 I covered the cake with the strawberries. 
 Ok now for the topping.  I used fat free cool whip for the topping. 

Finished Product now to let it cool in the fridge for at least 2 hrs.
It was a big hit with everyone.... and I don't think the kids realize
it was better for them then  a regular cake.