Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ok,  so sorry I have not been keeping up with this blog.  I have made many resolutions to complete tasks I set out to do.  For some reason life with 4 children has became very crazy.  We have a large number of big project to be completed for school!  I will be making 2 costumes for a project called "The Wax Museum".  On top of 2 posters and reports with bibliographys are to be done. They must retain information to give a presentation. It would not be so bad, except the two children have severe learning disabilities and struggle with a lot of the content.  Then my youngest child who is in the Focus program (class for exceptional students), has 2 projects at once.  For one we are to assist him in making a building the size of a refigerator box.  With doors and windows and all.  It has to be painted and resemble a store front to fit around his desk.  They will be making a mock city and running the government. He also is doing a research paper on George Rogers Clark.  I will more then likely post the process on these little projects.


  1. I want a photo! I want a photo! I want a photo! Banging silverware on table! :D Do you remember Poochie?