Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Current project

Ok... so I have a work in progress.  My mom purchased a pattern book on a trip to Jo-Anns.  She bought it specifically for this particular afghan.  It requires 180 hexagon motifs, 60 roses, and 60 leaves.  I am currently on my 112 hexagon motif.  With four children life gets kind of crazy, and I have only been able to work on this while waiting to pick my son up from school.  
Good thing I am planning on it being a Christmas present. 
I am not to excited about the shape they are taking.  I see several flaws, but realize with time I will become better with the consistency of each stitch. 
(The sad part is I realized that I will have to stitch each one of these together.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow these are gorgeous! I love how they are going to look once they are attached together... wow with roses and leaves it sounds stunning! I couldn't imagine taking on such a large project.. and I thought the med mystery crochet a long seemed large. This is going to be one beautiful heirloom afghan! I look forward to seeing you blog your progress! :D